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Glassfiber Reinfroced Concrete

It consists of cement plus sand, and the glass fibers in the form of tufts in length between (12_50) mm.
Cement + fine sand + glass fibers + chemical additives.

GFRC Mechanical Properties 

White gypsum board: it is used in indoor applications, fire and moisture resistant.
Green gypsum board: Ideal for use in kitchens where exposure to moisture can occur.
Red gypsum board: it is used in the outdoor applications for its resistance to moisture and fire.
Tiles: there are many sizes and types Ideal for partitions in administrative Areas.

In addition to

Its permeability to water%, 1.
Resistant to salts and acids.
Resistant to friction and breakage.
Poor electrical conductivity.
Low thermal conductivity.
Withstand of pressure up to 50 N / 2mm.

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